Give Away from So Totally Lame!


- Hello Kitty Body Wash ($70)

- Hello Kitty False Eyelashes & Case ($35)

- Benefit Cosmetics “Finding Mr Bright” Highlight Kit ($65)

- Benefit Cosmetics: (Aprox. $80)

   - “BADgal” Jumbo Eyeliner Pencil

   - “Ooh La Lift” Brightening Boost

   - “Plump” Lip Plumper

   - “Booing” Concealer in 001 (Light)

   - “The POREfessional” Primer and Pore Minimiser

- 2 Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Varnishes ($30)

- False Eyelashes “Exotic Raven” ($16)

- 3 Lip Balms, Nivea Pink Guava, Niveo Strawberry and Maybelline Baby Lips ($24)

- 5 Decora Rings from SoTotallyLame ( ($25)

- 3 Pairs of Earrings from SoTotallyLame ( ($30)


- Reblog/like to enter

- 2 reblogs per day

- Must be following me ( )

- Must reach 10,000 entires, I put a lot of effort into bringing this giveaway to you all so I hope you understand that I’d like not to let it go to waste!

- Keep your ask box open!

- No giveaway blogs! How rude!

This give away starts on the 2nd February and ends on the 15th March. It’s international so anyone can enter, shipping may come to be pretty pricy so I’ll ask that you guys might help me out if it’s possible! Thanks for entering guys, message me with any questions and good luck! Don’t forget to like me on Facebook, and check out my store. :)

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